Life Force Academy


Healing the Body, The Mind and The Spirit

There are simply some things that modern medicine does not do well. It fails more often than not to cure chronic disease. It does not effectively treat psychological illness. And it does not teach us how to maintain our bodies as they are meant to be maintained.

Life Force Academy was created to bring to Florida's Suncoast a metaphysical approach to mind, body and spiritual health that changes lives for the better. We offer a free consultation with your first acupuncture or massage treatment, as well as a free introductory discussion about channeled accelerated regression healing.

Life Force Academy Offers the Following:

Acupuncture and Massage

Performed by a certified expert, acupuncture, together with Chinese Herbology, is especially effective in treating chronic conditions like osteoarthritis and other diseases associated with aging. Learn more about our acupuncture and massage services.

Channeled Accelerated Regression Healing

Unique to Life Force Academy, this metaphysical healing procedure cures chronic physical and emotional ailments without patient side-effects, and it is what makes Life Force Academy so different and special. Learn more about our healing program.

Martial Arts - TENSHINDO

Founded and instructed by Jacques Thomet, 7th Dan, TENSHINDO is a unique blend of physical arts ranging from self-healing exercises, self-improvement conditioning and meditation preparation. It's based on the ancient principle of qi (pronounced chi) - also called prana in eastern India and ki in Japan. It can be learned and practiced at any age. Learn more about our martial arts program.