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What Our Clients Have to Say

I have been with Fiorenza for over 12 years, once a week, and if I were not 100% satisfied with her I would not have continued with her.

26 years ago I had Colles fracture on my right wrist. I had many different treatments in Chicago, including 5 injections on my cervical spine, without results. After 26 years, Fiorenza gave me relief with acupuncture; my hand straightened out and I can use it and my fingers normally. She also takes care of my arthritis and my old age aches and pains. My sinus pain disappears within minutes from the acupuncture treatments.

I also appreciate that she comes to my house, since I'm 85 and I find it difficult to drive. I highly recommend her.

Ellen, Sarasota

Dr. Fiorenza Arigoni has been my masseuse for more than ten years; she has helped me to avoid knee surgery. Under her skilled hands the pain in my knees has subsided. Dr. Arigoni is professional, pleasant and accomplished in her fields (massage and acupuncture). Her expertise is most appreciated and I recommend her heartily.
Carolyn, Bradenton, FL

This is to advise you that Fiorenza Arigoni has been our massage therapist for many years and has taken care of both my wife and myself at least once a week for the six or seven months that we are in Florida each year. On several occasions, Fiorenza performed acupuncture on both of us successfully.

We both recommend her very highly.

Tom, Sarasota, FL

I came to Life Force Academy when I was forty-four years old. I was on Social Security and was plagued with physical, mental and emotional problems that left me virtually incapacitated. Now I am fifty-five and a student nurse working 40 hours a week!

During classes and sessions I went through many regressions and channelings of past lives. I learned about my gifts for this life and what I needed to do in order to participate in my own healing. My improvement has been remarkable. I can truly say that when we take the journey with our hearts, our lives flourish and all doors to the heavens open, and angels and guides are waiting to embrace us and show us the meaning of life.

I am forever grateful for walking this path. I have no regrets.

Sue, Bradenton, FL

Several years ago I found myself in a very deep and painful, trauma-related, physical and emotional condition. I was not responding to any traditional or alternative modalities. Finally, a close friend suggested I contact the Thomets. Feeling that I had nothing to lose I called them and booked time during my next visit to South Florida.

As a result of that first visit, during which I took part in all that Life Force Academy had to offer, I experienced a profound change for the better in my medical condition. Even my regular doctor was impressed with the changes in me. It was a truly transformational experience. I even rekindled a deep love for martial arts, which I continue to practice today. A year-and-a-half later I returned for a shorter visit.

All told, I am extraordinarily pleased with the results of my two visits to the Academy and my association with these wonderful people. The time that I was able to spend with them was more than beneficial. I regard it as a blessing.

John (PhD.), Thousand Oaks, CA

Fiorenza Arigoni combines her background as a skilled massage therapist with her expertise as a licensed acupuncturist beautifully. Her knowledge about the workings of the human body, from both Western and Eastern perspectives, is a boon to us, her clients, in the maintenance of all-around good health.
Marsha, Bradenton, FL

We have been clients of Fiorenza Arigoni for acupuncture and massage for over five years. We are on maintenance treatments, which keeps us loose and able to function with our daily activities. When an occasional problem occurs, usually due to us overdoing things, Fiorenza is always available to help us through our current misery with a few treatments, in addition to our regular maintenance. We are really thankful for finding her.
Garry and Rita, Sarasota

I was lucky to be able to work with Jacques Thomet in martial arts. I was a beginner and he was able to work with me on having more endurance and flexibility. I also noticed my cardiovascular system improved. I was able to go up stairs without becoming out of breath.
Jennie, Stillwater,MN