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Channeled Accelerated Regression Healing

Many of us have heard of a psychological phenomenon called "past lives." The concept is that all of us have lived before and that those past lives can sometimes impact the current one. This understanding gave birth to what's known as "past lives regression therapy." This healing technique calls for the "therapist" to take the patient back in time to discover a past life trauma that continues to cause a current physical or emotional issue.

In channeled accelerated regression healing, on the other hand, the practitioner travels back into the patient's past lives to discover the cause of the current malady. As the practitioner is experienced, knows what to look for and is in strong physical condition, channeled accelerated regression healing can happen faster and with no physical or emotional consequences to the patient.

Underlying this metaphysical healing is the knowledge that our existence is defined by many dimensions (our past lives), our threefold body unit (physical, mental and emotional) and two planes (corporeal and astral). In essence, each of us has a physical body and a light or energy body. When a person experiences a disease, especially of a chronic nature, it may be caused by a "hole" in the life force or "karmic scar tissue" in the astral body. The scar was caused by something that happened in a past life. To remove the scar tissue and return the proper flow of life force in the astral body, the channeler-healer finds the incident in a different space and time, sees its impact on the astral body and removes it.

Jacques & Monika Thomet

Of course, it takes a very unique individual to perform this kind of healing. Rev. Jacques Thomet is such a person, perhaps the first such channeler-healer in centuries. First recognizing his gift at an early age, Jacques has spent a lifetime perfecting it. Learning how to prepare, focus, perform and recover, has taken him around the world seeking such understanding.

To learn more about the process and underlying concepts please read Monika Thomet's thesis titled "Channeled Accelerated Regression Healing: a Rebirth." For a free introductory discussion call Life Force Academy at 941.741.8736. You will be amazed.